A Life Well Lived...

Marcus Wolfe Hollenberg was known for his unique sense of character, inherent knack for being a "people person", and most of all his upbeat sense of humor, which he displayed until his last day. He died on February 26th, 2019 at the age of 79, after battling COPD.

Marcus was born on April 3, 1939 in Chicago, Illinois to Samuel Hollenberg and Frances (Corman) Hollenberg. He graduated from University Of Illinois At Chicago, receiving his Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) in 1962. He married Ellen Devine in Chicago in 1963, and later divorced. He owned and successfully ran several neighborhood pharmacies in the areas of Waukegan and Chicago until retiring in 1988. In 2006, his son and daughter were able to help him relocate to Oakland, CA. He spent nearly a decade living in an apartment near the trail entrance to Joaquin Miller State Park, with a running creek and giant redwood trees. He had a love for all animals, oceans and trees, and also enjoyed telling stories to anyone who took the time to listen.

He is survived by daughter, Nina Hollenberg of Alameda, CA and son, Adam Hollenberg of Phoenix, AZ (from his first marriage to Ellen Devine); beloved grandson, Ashton Hollenberg; brother, Norman Hollenberg; cousins, nieces and nephews.

A private memorial ceremony and celebration of life will be held at Natural Bridges State Beach (Santa Cruz, CA) in Summer 2019. Donations can be made to Save The Redwoods League: 111 Sutter Street, 11th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104 and 4Ocean (4ocean.com).

This memorial blog was put together by Mickey's family with photos collected through the years. If anyone wishes to send digital copies of any other photos you might have, we would greatly appreciate messages via the contact form on this page. There is also a guest book if you wish to share your thoughts and stories about Mick.

Mick’s Picks: The Early Years (1950s-1970s) / music mix

from Nina Hollenberg:
Today would have been my Dad’s 80th birthday, so I’ve been in the process of creating some musical mixes in his honor, starting with the early years spanning tunes from the 1950s through the 1970s that he really loved. I’m working on a second one that will have his faves from the later eras late 1970s through the 1990s. He didn’t get to listen to much music in the millennial years due to hearing loss, but we definitely talked about it all the time :)

🙌 🎂 🍰🎈🎉 ✨💛

love & remembrance, 

Mick’s Picks: The Early Years (1950s-1970s)

January 2019

One last smiling photo Mickey sent to his daughter Nina in a text message (January 2019)

Visit to Dimond Park / May 2018

Mickey sitting under his favorite tree at Dimond Park (he lived right next-door to this park for 7 years before he relocated to the care home, and would walk there every day, talk to his neighbors, watch birds and listen to his beloved creek (which was visible and audible from his apartment window, especially enjoyable during warmer months where he could leave the window open to see and hear it).

Mickey waves hello to Nina as she takes a few pics....

Telling another tale while Nina takes more photos (Dimond Park, 2018)

Nina with Mickey (Dimond Park, 2018)

Here are a couple of videos we took that day in the park:

Adam visited for a few days and we all went to Dimond Park and enjoyed some sunny days together (Aug. 2018)

Collected photos / California 2010 - 2016

Nina and Mickey, Oakland 2010

Mickey adopted Cowboy from a rescue shelter in 2013 while he was still living on his own in his apartment near Dimond Park in Oakland. Unfortunately later in the year, Mick fell ill, was hospitalized, then relocated to a nearby skilled care facility where he spent the remaining years. Cowboy was adopted by a colleague of Das' who works at the Alameda library (Lita).  She would frequently send Mickey photos of Cowboy to keep him updated on things.  This always made him very happy (he loved that cat quite a lot).  Remarkably, as we found out later, Cowboy and Mick passed away within a couple of weeks of each other. 

Note from Nina: they were definitely connected from the start-- I was at the shelter with Dad when he asked to hold Cowboy, and it was instant love-- Cowboy stood up on his hind legs on Dad's lap facing him, put both paws on either side of his head and nuzzled him. I'm glad they had even that short time together - it was very healing for Dad and he loved having the companionship. 

Nina and Mickey, Oakland 2014

Mick's favourite game: Acey-Deucey (playing with Nina, Oakland 2015)

Nina brought along some chai tea and pastries while they played some games in the outside courtyard of Mick's care home (nice sunny day) / Oakland 2015

2015, Mick sits at World Ground Cafe, Oakland with his father's day gift (new notebook/laptop from his children, Adam and Nina)

Sitting at a local Oakland sidewalk cafe enjoying some late December sun (2015)

Having coffee with Nina in Oakland, Dec 2015

Starting out a morning visit goofing around with Nina at World Ground Cafe, Oakland 2016

Heading out the door after coffee with Nina (World Ground Cafe, Oakland 2016)

A favorite activity was visiting the beach with Nina in Alameda (2016)

Watching the windsurfers at the beach (Alameda, 2016)

2007 / California life, visit to AZ

At the Spring carnival in Oakland with Nina

Hiking around Joaquin Miller State Park

Ferry ride into SF with Nina to celebrate Mickey's birthday

Birthday meal at The Stinking Rose (San Francisco)

Visiting Anne & Adam in AZ to meet new grandson Ashton

Mickey with Adam and baby Ashton Hollenberg

Mickey and Ashton

Nina, Mickey, Anne and Ashton

2006 / Mick moves to California

Beth Asher Apartments, Oakland (Mickey's new home)

Front of Beth Asher Apartments

Trail entrance to Dimond Park (Mickey's apartment right next-door)

Getting ready to move in...

Off to a fresh start...

Just before the move-in day...

Front of the building

View from apartment window

View from outside balcony to the courtyard

Bo & Jangles (Mickey's cockatiels) made the journey to their new home

Mickey celebrates moving in (making enchiladas with Nina)

Got the computer set up and some new furniture, feels like home...

Mick at Dimond Park right next-door to his new apartment

Out at Berkeley Marina with Nina (New Year's Eve 2006)